Characteristics of a good leaderCommon Misuse

Leadership is a frequently misused term to mean whatever the user or organization wants it to mean. There are an abundant of articles and best-selling books written on the topic that, most of the time, contribute to the misuse. Based on my life and work experiences, I’ve formed my own opinion on what leadership is and I’d like to share it with you.

A Learned Trait

I believe leadership is a learned trait. Individuals can demonstrate leadership instincts, but whether instinctive or from scratch, individuals can learn to be good leaders. Leaders understand the need to be fair, consistent, non-partisan and constructive in the creation and application of management techniques to team members, customers and clients.

Characteristic #1 – Consistency

Consistency is the most important attributed in my opinion. When you have consistency in leadership from the very top down through the ranks of an organization, leadership becomes clear with fairness, non-partisanship and constructive direction occurring more easily. Unfortunately, most examples we experience in the workplace involve failure of leadership. We all can remember experiences where the opportunity to demonstrate leadership was missed due to lack of consistency, poor communication and frankly selfishness.

Universal Application

Whether you work for a fortune 500 company, a mid size private company or a startup, the same attributes of successful leadership must apply and are proven successful. Be fair with all people inside and outside the organization. Be consistent in the application of management techniques to all team members. Focus on the situation, not the person. Promote a culture of responsibility and accountability so when a situation arises, respect rises to the surface and fair, consistency, non-partisanship becomes the mediums for success and resolution.

Life Experience – Eagle Scout
Work Experience – Recommended two team members for successful promotion to help further their careers and their leadership training