“Engagement, reach, influence, awareness– all marketing terms that have as many meanings as stars in the sky. At the end of the day, marketing helps people, organizations, and companies create and demonstrate value for customers

The key purpose of marketing is to deliver value. Value is the benefit that the customer gains relative to the total cost of an item. Every business should begin with and continue to create value in a way that generates profit over cost. Marketing shows customers how they get more benefits today than they did yesterday for the same dollar amount. Or, it shows customers how they get incremental benefits today than they did yesterday for paying a premium.


Effective marketing enables your customers to easily recognize the value – the benefits – of your product or service. The price of a product or service is the last consideration when the customer is able to recognize the value. Before cutting costs or focusing on changes related to operations, let’s determine who your stakeholders are, what they hope to achieve, and how each will benefit. We’ll then devise a set of critical success factors from which an execution plan, one that clearly maps out the steps necessary to achieve success, is created.

“What we want to achieve”

Strategic Design
“Strategic factors relevant to each stakeholder” Process that produces a position that delivers value for key stakeholders and meets

• Customers
• Employees
• Founders/Owners
• Suppliers

Execution plan

DiBella Consulting can guide you to the most effective marketing strategy that will help you achieve long-term health and success of your business.

Effective marketing through strategic design culminates in realized value for each stakeholder. It will position you in the market, help develop consistent branding and form alliances with complementary businesses as well as strengthen relationships with current customers. This promotes the long-term health and success of your business.

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