“Engagement, reach, influence, awareness– all marketing terms that have as many meanings as stars in the sky. At the end of the day, marketing helps people, organizations, and companies create and demonstrate value for consumers.

Processes We Use

Marketing: we align identified objectives with key stakeholders through a strategic process that delivers the objective to the organization and value to the stakeholders

“What we want to achieve”

Strategic Design
“Strategic factors relevant to each stakeholder” Process that produces a position that delivers value for key stakeholders and meets

• Customers
• Employees
• Founders/Owners
• Suppliers

Marketing Solutions

Challenge: Limited internal marketing resources

DiBella Consulting Solution: we’re well acquainted and practiced in a broad range of marketing roles. We work with clients on short to longer projects stepping into roles concentrated in consumer, business, trade and digital marketing.

Challenge: Outdated marketing strategy

DiBella Consulting Solution: we collaborate with clients to dive deep into their market to understand drivers, direction, and size of the opportunity. We then evaluate the current strategy to see how products, services and positioning fit with the market. If all or some don’t, we’ll offer strategies for realignment that engage consumers and restart revenue growth

Challenge: disconnected sales team and subpar execution.

DiBella Consulting Solution: Our expertise ranges from profit & loss management to communication planning including website design and data analytics. With these skills, we work with clients to give the sales teams the materials necessary to generate leads, build connections and close more deals.

Contact DiBella Consulting for effective marketing strategy and design, helping you achieve long-term health and success of your business while maintaining profits after cost.