Identifying and communicating value is essential to business success. Solutions that correct or prevent a problem, accelerate growth and instill value with expected outcomes of higher profits, lower cost, and higher productivity. Sales, as a part of business development, its health and success are dependent upon demonstration of this value. At DiBella Consulting we believe and follow a proven customer identification process.

Customer Value Identification Process

1. Target customers

2. Customer Business Drivers

3. Customer Metrics

4. Customer Problems

5. Critical Unit Operations

6. Solutions

7. Customer Created Value

8. Selling Story

Once consensus on the strategy and direction for the business is achieved, an equally important sales and execution plan is needed to successfully deliver the identified value proposition to customers.

Identifying value comes from understanding customer problems and providing solutions to those problems. The process above defines the target, reveals the business drivers, explains critical metrics, lays out the compelling problems to solve and then provides a path to success – all while tying back to the overriding strategy in place.

Let DiBella Consulting help define your organization’s value component