Identifying and communicating value is essential to business success. Solutions that correct or prevent a problem, accelerate growth and instill value with expected outcomes of higher profits, lower cost, and higher productivity. Sales, as a part of business development, its health and success are dependent upon demonstration of this value. At DiBella Consulting we believe and follow a proven customer identification process.

Customer Value Identification Process

Sales: we follow an 8-step plan to help identify the key business problem, provide metrics to measure agreed to solutions, and show how to communicate the created value proposition to the customer

1. Target customers

2. Customer Business Drivers

3. Customer Metrics

4. Customer Problems

5. Critical Unit Operations

6. Solutions

7. Customer Created Value

8. Selling Story

Sales Solutions

Challenge: Limited internal sales resources.

DiBella Consulting Solution: we’re well acquainted and practiced in a broad range of B2B and B2C sales roles. We work with clients on short to longer projects stepping into management rolls ranging from customer relations, to category planning to sales execution. We are prepared to consult or lead in the creation of sales pitch decks and sales promotion programs.

Challenge: Limited customer traffic and conversion success.

DiBella Consulting Solution: We use a proven sales assessment process that identifies true customer problems, provides solutions with metrics to measure success and ultimately show how value is created for the customer and consumer.

Challenge: Customer pipeline with few prospects and targets

DiBella Consulting Solution:We utilize a full range of traditional and online resources (LinkedIn, Google Analytics, etc.) to identify high revenue, high profit prospects, and then build a sustainable lead generation platform to engage and convert these prospects into customers.

Let DiBella Consulting help define your organization’s value component